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Wed Oct 9 11:41:58 PDT 1996

> In an earlier post, Galen of Bristol replied to Michael Silverhands:
> I would like to know the origin of the current non-proposal.

I think everyone wants to know who brought it up to begin 
with (at least, everyone I talk to).  However, since that information 
is not forthcoming, we have no choice but to consider the originators 
as the ones who brought it before the populace to begin with (i.e. 
Crown and Kingdom Seneschal).  After all, they were in no way 
obligated to bring the idea up just because someone asked them to.  
They took the responsibility for the question when they formally
asked that we, the populace, discuss it.  In the interest of CYA 
(mine), I thought I would just mention that neither party declared 
"for" or "against" at the time.

>> Michael Silverhands went on to state:
>> Sir William of Weir and Duke Hector, among others, spoke last night
>> of the many times this idea was raised before *by the populace* of
>> various regions of Ansteorra (at least once in Oklahoma, and 
>> several times in the Stargate area)....   

I don't know about Stargate, but I can say that over the last 10 years
there was only one strong push for a Northern principality.  The move
was organized by a small group of northerners shortly after Gerard & 
Vanessa's reign. A large percentage of the North had virtually no idea
that it was going on (which probably doomed it to failure from the 
start) until a discussion at Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel.  The discussion 
was quite heated (and loud) and left no doubt in the minds of those in
attendance that there were some high ranking people outside the 
Northern area who were vehemently opposed to the idea.  This 
basically killed the issue. 

>> NOW, we have a Crown and a Kingdom Seneschal
>> who have said, in effect: "We think this might be the right 
>> time....

True, they have said that.  However, it appears to be an "all or 
nothing deal" (i.e. if group A doesn't do it, then group C shouldn't
do it either, which would mean that B won't need to do it). - Argh!

Everybody is so busy worrying about what the OTHER group is 
going to do or "who gets the name" that they can't seem to stop and 
think about what is really best for their area in the long-run.  In 
reality, any geographical area can get together and submit a proposal
for Principality status if and when they feel it is the right time.  
We don't *all* have to go for it simultaneously.  It seems very 
unlikely that any *one* time would be the right time for all areas of 
the Kingdom.

IMO, it would be much easier on a new Principality (and the 
Kingdom) if the populace of the remaining region(s) could rally 
to support the new area (would this be a naive hope?):-).
Of course, we're all open minded enough to consider that a group
petitioning for principality status might be doing it for *positive*
reasons, rather than out of anger or animosity.  Aren't we?

It doesn't really matter if principalities originated as a mere thought
or as a full blown conspiracy, *we* (the populace) will make the 
decision to go for it or not.  The true test is to hold it up to the 
brightest possible light and see if anything that likes to live in the
darkness scurries for cover.  Principalities are a big step and we 
would all be foolish not to consider it from every possible angle.  
This means considering what *everyone* (from the Crown on 
down to the newest player) stands to gain or lose from the idea 
and basing your decisions on those facts. 
>> So, fellow "listeners at the post"...*think* about your take on the issues;
>> *share* your thoughts with the rest of us..

OK.  Since I'm sharing my thoughts....  I can't even begin to say 
what I feel the East/West (Central/Southern) areas should do about 
this.  Truth is, I'm not aware enough of the individual concerns of 
those areas to give a well-educated opinion. 
To be on the safe side, I'll just say - "That's up to ya'll."  :-)  

My personal feeling on the North (with or without groups 
from the West) is that we just don't have the drive, initiative or 
manpower to kick-off something of this magnitude right now.  Our 
morale is low and our events, in terms of numbers, are not that well 
attended.  In addition, a majority of Northerners appear to be 
opposed to the idea (kind-of an "if it's not broke, don't fix it" 
mentality).  Also, we lack for locally active members of the 
peerages.  Although the active ones we *do* have are exceptional, 
I doubt even they can provide adequate support and leadership
to a brand new Principality.  

A few people have said that a new principality would motivate 
people to pay memberships, hold offices, attend events, etc..  
I disagree.  That's comparable to saying "our shire need motivation
to play, so let's form a Barony" or "Let's make this person a knight
because it might make them a more active fighter." 
Seems like backwards logic to me.

Anyway, by now you are probably really sick of hearing (reading?) 
me ramble.  Sorry about the length.

> Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.

>> Michael Tucker / Michael Silverhands, Baron of Stargate, Ansteorra

Katrionna "Kat" MacLochlainn,
Sable Scroll to TRM Mikael & Mikaela
Barony of Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra

Lori Jones
Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
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