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j.l.jackson hartel jhartel at
Tue Oct 8 21:07:11 PDT 1996

>> and I don't know what that does to Bjornsborg, Bryn
>> Gwlad, Tempio, or Emerald Keep.
>My understanding is those of us ON the I-35 line will go to the west.
>But then again, we have no hard facts, just the request to discuss it
>and give our input.
>Phelim Uhtred Gervas  

Well said Pug!
This is just a bit quibble-y but why is it that the *Baronies* were the
first ones given the "tatse-test" for opinions and NOT the kingdom as a
whole?!?  Coming from a very active shire who covers over 30 miles pretty
much evenly divided by I-35 I find this pretty sad.  

It does not not matter to me what happens because I will still play where I
want and with whom I want reguardless of Kingdom or principality.  I just
feel that those of us from "smaller groups"  were rudely overlooked.  If
this is what being a "united" kingdom is I would hate to see us divide....

Moriel^^^(living in "Tempio-West")

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