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Richard Bainter pug at
Wed Oct 9 06:08:40 PDT 1996

<<< Remember, never take me too serious. I am a bit sarcastic. >>>

> >My understanding is those of us ON the I-35 line will go to the west.
> This is just a bit quibble-y but why is it that the *Baronies* were the
> first ones given the "tatse-test" for opinions and NOT the kingdom as a
> whole?!?

Cause we're more important than you. *big wink*

> Coming from a very active shire who covers over 30 miles pretty
> much evenly divided by I-35 I find this pretty sad.  

I *think* the original design was to allow those shires and cantons in
the grey areas to choose which way to go based on their needs and

The majority of the population centers are in the Baronies and they are
the ones who will make or break the Principality issue in the beginning.

> It does not not matter to me what happens because I will still play where I
> want and with whom I want reguardless of Kingdom or principality.

Myself as well.

> I just
> feel that those of us from "smaller groups"  were rudely overlooked.  If
> this is what being a "united" kingdom is I would hate to see us divide....

We still want you! Without the smaller groups, there wouldn't be any new
baronies. Without smaller groups, there wouldn't be as many new people.
(Stagnation always worries me.) Without smaller groups, we wouldn't have
anyone to pick on. (Okay, maybe we would, but it wouldn't be as fun. *wink*)


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