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Richard Bainter pug at
Tue Oct 8 07:01:32 PDT 1996

> I understand
> that at the Seneschal's meeting at Elfsea Defender (this was announced by my
> local Seneschal at our last meeting), Duke Inman said the borders would be the
> TX/OK Border, extended West to leave the TX Panhandle in the northern 
> principality, then the rest of the kingdom would be divided down I-35, leaving
> Steppes and Elfsea in different principalities (rather like dividing Stargate
> from Loch Sollier),

My understanding for this was due to mutual dislike for each other.
(Or something along those lines.) I don't play with them enough to know
if that is the case or not. (Personally, I dont give a damn either.)

> and I don't know what that does to Bjornsborg, Bryn
> Gwlad, Tempio, or Emerald Keep.

My understanding is those of us ON the I-35 line will go to the west.

But then again, we have no hard facts, just the request to discuss it
and give our input.


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