Dieter - Ansteorran

Scot Eddy seddy at
Tue Oct 8 06:36:23 PDT 1996

What is this I hear about Dieter not being an Ansteorran? The last 
time I checked he was. Someone must have misspoken.

Dieter and his lady wife, Penelope, are all over this kingdom. Every 
weekend they are somewhere new. North, South, East, West, Central, 
Costal, high, low, near, far; every weekend. They know people 
everywhere they go. I am continually amazed at who they know and who 
knows them. They play everywhere. They help out everywhere.Surely this 
makes them Ansteorran.

If not, then here's some more info - They have held offices in 
Ansteorra. Deputy Kingdom Chirurgen, Knight's Marshall, A & S 
Minister, and Reeve. Dieter is also very proud of being the Kingdom 
Warlord He wears the tabard everytime he fights. He promotes fighting 
and has a wonderful class, if you haven't had a chance to take it, 
covering the upcoming Gulf War. Penelope has served Ansteorra as a 
chirurgen in 2 Gulf Wars and at Pennsic. She has made sure that all of 
us fighters are safe and watered. They've "paid their dues" folks. 
Surely this makes them Ansteorran.

If not, then here's some more info - As Kingdom Warlord he has 
encouraged several people to build catapults and ballistae, throwing 
axes, and encouraged the proliferation of archers. We're gonna cream, 
trash, thrash, whip, spindle, fold, and mutilate Trimaris in this 
upcoming war. What's Penelope doing for war. Running a catapult, I 
believe. Either that or she'll be busting her toosh as a chirurgen. 
Surely this makes them Ansteorran.

Dieter and Penelope are as Ansteorran as the next couple. They are 
proud of their kingdom. Darn proud! 

Grace and Peace, 

Ld. Jovian Skleros

Scot Eddy

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