Rude Slayings Revisited

eric caladin at
Tue Oct 8 23:10:29 PDT 1996

> Sir lyonel wrote...

>One of the essential concepts of effective warfare--described by Socrates,
>Sun Tsu, Wellington, Cromwell, and even Montgomery--is overwhelm and
>devastate.  If you can double your opponent's numbers, says Suntsu, enfold
>them; if you can triple their numbers, surround and crush them. 

Since we do allow crimping perhaps we should SCA-ify it by saying if you
have double his number enfold him, if you have triple, give him some of your
guys so he has a change of having fun...of offer him single/equal combat if
it's late in a larger battle... or of course offer a chance to yeild.

the purpose of this letter is that I have a question, Assuming you've got a
shield wall, and you come up from behind it, and you do and endrun, to a
point where if they knew you were there they'd be fer sure whacking at you.
(say one of your feet in the zone infront of the end fighter which is 45 deg
to either side of straight in front of him (where I beleive you legally have
to have one foot when in single combat to not be cork screwing a grounded

(did that come out as english?)

Well the question is, do you have to wait for full eye contact from the end
man or some other member of the line before throwing blows? 

I don't think so , but it's kind of ambiguous... 

(Although I still prefer to holler at the end guy and get eyecontact before
popping him in the face, just so he know it's an opponent doing it.)

Thanks for any clarification...


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