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Clifford T. Williams theodric at
Tue Oct 8 20:21:07 PDT 1996

I am providing Duke Inman's November Report to the Ansteorran Net as discussed with his Grace.
What follows is his report.

Unto the Populace of Ansteorra
Greetings from Duke Inman Seneschal of Ansteorra,

I know that they are a pain but you know that we need to use the new waiver forms at our fighter practices.  These are only for non-members who are participating in our fighting activities and do not have a waiver on file with the Society Office.  They are in roster form and should cause no hardship to anyone.  It profits no one to squawk about it - let's just do it and get on with the fun.

This may come as a surprise to many of you but I no longer support the Issue of principalities as a topic for discussion.  These discussions were never imposed by myself or the Crown even if it seems that way.  It was merely a question.  It hurts to watch a kingdom divide itself over an issue like this one, especially when I believe that now, more than ever before, we need unity.  I believe that we need to believe in each other no matter where we live or who we hang out with.  I do not know when the seeds of distrust were planted or where, maybe they were always here, but this tree bears bitter fruit.  Why should we be so quick to eat from it?  This kingdom is so special to me because the kingdom is the people.  The hard-nosed, stubborn, passionate people of Ansteorra.  You are the building  blocks of the past, the now, and the future.  Please, let's make that future a bright one.  It is not up to the Royalty, the officers, or the peers to decide on that future - we are merely servants.  It is your will that decides what that future is and it is our job to help make that happen.  Powerful armies do not make us great.  Great, passionate Crowns do not make us great.  Great warriors or great artists or selfless servants do not make us great.  These things are part of it, but they must be adornments on a unified soul.  You, the people, are the foundation on which these adornments may be displayed.  If our foundation breaks, our kingdom falls.  Our rules and laws must give you confidence in the future.  Our officers must serve your needs.  Our Crowns must inspire you to greater efforts.  Our armies must protect you, and our peers must teach you.  All of these things are yours by right, but it is our right to demand that you, the people, keep the foundation flawless and strong.  By serving each other in this way, we guarantee a future full of promise for everyone.

In Loving Service to Ansteorra,

Here ends said report.

I can refer letters to him if you so desire.
yours in humble servitude
Theodric Afhaims

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