Duke Inman's Report

MGMayer at aol.com MGMayer at aol.com
Wed Oct 9 09:05:05 PDT 1996

Well done Theodric!  Thanks for posting His Grace' Report!  Perhaps some of
this chatter over Principality(s) will now cease.  I've come close to
removing myself from the subscription list!  There's been very little
information of substance or worthwhile reading since this whole issue began!

Take heed dear cousins, pray, I beg you ALL!  Our New Society Friends have
access to this medium.  Do we wish to show "this side" of SCA life to those
which join us for the first time?  I think NOT!  Please, let's end such
useless squabbling and return to more enlightening pursuits!!

Lord Michael de la Mare
Deputy Kingdom Hospitaler

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