Selecting coronets by rapie

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Oct 9 16:32:31 PDT 1996

>From Sir Kief:

>Stefan li Rous has written an idea that has also given me pause. 
>Tell me your thoughts on it. To paraphrase Stefan and to add an idea of
>my own. Why not have the Prince and Princess be chosen by Rapier Combat? I
>add... Why not Rapier Combat and Chivalric Combat?!? Every other Reign to be
>decided by a different style of Combat...!

To which Aethelyan of Moondragon declares:

Whoa! If I am not mistaken, the Board has dis-allowed rapier combat to be
used for ranking tournaments (i.e., Crowns and Coronets). Personally, I'd
rather not see this change.

And now Stefan asks:

Could someone please quote the ruling? I did not propose that the prince
be selected by rapier combat, only that I wondered if the pro and con lines
in the principality debate would change if we did select the prince this

I think that changing the selection of the crown would be too much of a
jump at this point. But why not choose the prince this way? Ansteorra
has no tradition to fall back on or to have interfere with doing this
as far as selecting a prince. If this would change your opinions of
supporting or opposing principalities, I really would like to know.

Stefan li Rous

And yes, I do both types of combat. And until this last weekend I had
never even won a single tournament bout in rapier so I am not ever to
likely be in a position of winning such a tournament.

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