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Though I have little interest in this topic...

Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:
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>         The ruling is somewhere in Corpora.  Or you can look at the Rialto
> FAQ, where there are copious notes about alternate methods for choosing
> crowns/coronets (the argument reoccurs about every six months on the Usenet
> newsgroup

Actually, it was in the very first Governing & Policy Decision that authorized
"Period Fencing".
>         The other proposal that frequently comes up on the Rialto is
> deciding crown/coronet lists by some combination of:  arts and sciences,
> archery, rapier combat and chivalric combat.  I seem to recall that at least
> one crown or coronet *somewhere* was based on a mix of A&S and chivalric
> combat, back in the dark ages of the Current Middle Ages... I'd have to ask
> older members to determine if that is so, or if it's a phantom idea I
> acquired while reading posts on the Rialto.  The problem I have with using
> A&S to determine the list is that judging art is so subjective... whereas
> the last man or woman standing after an elimnination tourney is clear cuit
> and requires no interpretation.
> The Principality of the Mists, back in A.S. XV or so, had such a tourney; it
was won by Sir Maythen of Elfhaven, the first woman to win a Coronet Tourney.

And I agree with Gunnora's objections to this sort of list.

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