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Wed Oct 9 22:41:45 PDT 1996

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:

>         The other proposal that frequently comes up on the Rialto is
> deciding crown/coronet lists by some combination of:  arts and sciences,
> archery, rapier combat and chivalric combat.  I seem to recall that at least
> one crown or coronet *somewhere* was based on a mix of A&S and chivalric
> combat, back in the dark ages of the Current Middle Ages... I'd have to ask
> older members to determine if that is so, or if it's a phantom idea I
> acquired while reading posts on the Rialto.  The problem I have with using
> A&S to determine the list is that judging art is so subjective... whereas
> the last man or woman standing after an elimnination tourney is clear cuit
> and requires no interpretation.

Oh, I don't know, Gunnora.  I think an A&S tourney could be pretty clear 
cut.  Picture it: the list field.  Crown tourney.  Gunnora takes the 
field with a 10 lb path-of-luck game board against Thordis weilding a #3
Viking style crochet hook.  After a brief flurry during which some of 
Gunnora's trim is ripped out, Thordis is clocked on the top-knot with a 
quick downward slam.  Victorious, Gunnora advances to the next round.  
Meadhbh and Cedric face off next, but since Cedric can't properly 
alliterate with Meadhbh stuffing pottage down his throat, he's an easy 
kill.  Then Aodhan goes out in complete Irish regalia against Finn, who 
prepares to blow him right off the field with a song about drunken sheep 
raiders.  While he's tuning up, however, Aodhan corkscrews around him so 
that the Ansteorran sun hits him full force and the brilliance of his 
gear -- as well as the brain scrambling color combination he has put 
together for this event -- strikes the valiant Finn down.  The big guy 
drops like a sack of russet potatoes and curls into a ball, 
shouting "The colors!  The colors!" like Tim Leary on 
a bad trip.

Meadhbh draws the bi 
against Damaris, who's standing there looking smug with at least a gallon 
of strawberry mead.  Meadhbh gets clobbered on the strawberry mead before 
Damaris gets full on mediteranean food!  Meadhbh is out!  Out cold, that 
is.  The marshall calls lay on for the finals.  Gunnora and Aodhan circle 
warily, each gauging the other's strengths and weaknesses.  Aodhan dives 
for a nearby patch of tall grass, uproots it and begins weaving the inner 
walls to an authentic Gaulish hut.  But wait!  Gunnora is hacking at some 
small trees with a penknife -- she's....she's...SHE'S BUILDING AN 
ARBALAST!  LOOK OUT, AODHAN!  Oh, the humanity!
Later that eve, as the gold-plated laurel wreath of the A&S Coronet was 
placed upon her silver hair, Gunnora turned to look upon her people.  The 
moans, groans and whimperings from her defeated challengers, still 
licking their wounds and muttering about how they'd never be able to play 
the harp again, not with their fingers anyway, came like music to 
Gunnora's ears.  And she knew that it was good.

See, I really don't think a scenario like that leaves much of anything to 
interpretation.  Or the imagination, either.

>         Ah well.  It's an interesting philosophical argument, but I don't
> seriously expect that there will be any change from our current chivalric
> combat format crown/coronet lists anytime soon.

The resulting carnage could pose a drawback.  Heavy weapons fighting is 
probably safer in the long run.

And to all a good night!

Mari ferch Rathyen, OL

"Art is not for the weak."

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