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damaris damaris at
Thu Oct 10 05:13:34 PDT 1996

Heidi J Torres wrote:

> Meadhbh draws the bi
> against Damaris, who's standing there looking smug with at least a gallon
> of strawberry mead.  Meadhbh gets clobbered on the strawberry mead before
> Damaris gets full on mediteranean food!  Meadhbh is out!  Out cold, that
> is.  The marshall calls lay on for the finals.  Gunnora and Aodhan circle
> warily, each gauging the other's strengths and weaknesses.  Aodhan dives
> for a nearby patch of tall grass, uproots it and begins weaving the inner
> walls to an authentic Gaulish hut.  But wait!  Gunnora is hacking at some
> small trees with a penknife -- she's....she's...SHE'S BUILDING AN
> ARBALAST!  LOOK OUT, AODHAN!  Oh, the humanity!

So why don't I get to take out Gunnora with some strawberry mead or cyser?
I could you know. :-)
> "Art is not for the weak."

Neither is my strawberry mead.
Damaris of Greenhill /mka Susan Wieland
"Mead brewer extrodinaire"
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within a bordure or---

A great many people think they are thinking when they are
only rearranging their prejudices.  --William James.

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