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Lori Jones LJONES at bashful.ossm.edu
Wed Oct 9 15:48:30 PDT 1996

> Thyra wrote:
>I figured I'd better correct my math before someone else does.  The below 
>only applies if order matters, i.e. if A fighting B is unique from B 
>fighting A.  Which it's not.  If everybody fights everybody else once, 
>that's only 136 fights.  

OK.  If we take the baseline 136 fights per person (@15 minutes each 
- some more, some less), it comes out to 34 hours of fighting, yes?
So, if we were to run 4 list fields simultaneously, we could divide that 
number by 4 - which gives us 8.5 hours in which to run the 
disqualification rounds.  I'm going to guess, based on usually @3 
undefeateds in a Swiss 5, that we would have 10-15 undefeateds 
in our Swiss 17).   If we take the best case scenario - (i.e. only 10
undefeateds in the final 3 rounds, which are treated as single 
elimination) and we use a bye (who hopefully wins) in the semifinals,
then those final 3 rounds should take no more than an hour.  

That makes 9.5 hours of straight fighting.  Considering that armor 
inspection almost never closes before @9:30 and then we wait on 
morning court, the earliest possible tournament starting time is around 
10:30am.  That would make ending at @ 8:00pm the most optimistic 
outlook for the day (of course, that's not taking SCA time, extra 
long fights, administrative delays, lunch breaks, etc. into account). 

> A Swiss 17 is probably almost do-able.  I think.

Definitely!  Even better, if we split it up over 2 days. :-)
Really great, if we decide to hold it in early spring or late 
fall.  And maybe not during the rainy season.    So, how many 
fighters did we start with in the first place?  Is our fighter base 
that large?  What kind of theme could we come up with that could 
possibly induce that many fighters to enter this marathon of 

 * note to the reader, please DUCK before you get hit with strange, 
    flying (totally false) rumors.  Things like "Crown's gonna be a 
    Swiss what!!!!?????"

>Thyra Pseudomathperson

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