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> >         The ruling is somewhere in Corpora.  Or you can look at
> > the Rialto FAQ, where there are copious notes about alternate
> > methods for choosing crowns/coronets (the argument reoccurs about
> > every six months on the Usenet newsgroup
> Actually, it was in the very first Governing & Policy Decision that
> authorized "Period Fencing".

That wording is a bit ambiguous; I first read it as meaning G&PD #1,
not as the first one dealing with rapier combat.  The full wording is

    5. RAPIER FIGHTING IN THE SOCIETY (September 1979, revised July 1989)

    The Board acknowledges period rapier combat as an ancillary
    activity of the Society when properly supervised by the Marshals
    and when approved by individual kingdoms.

      Rapier combat may take place within a kingdom only by rules
    established by the Marshallate of that kingdom and after the
    approval of those rules by the Marshal of the Society.  The Board
    directs the Marshal of the Society to formulate guidelines for
    rapier combat within the Society.

        Rapier combat, not having been part of formal tournament
    combat in the Middle Ages, shall not be a part of formal
    tournament lists for royal ranks and armigerous titles.

While I'm here, someone earlier mentioned a concern about the Central
region / principality splitting off and making Ansteorra
non-contiguous.  Corpora forbids this, in (among other places) V.B.2.a

      2. General Considerations

         a. Boundaries.  Each branch must have established borders,
     enclosing a single, contiguous area.  At the Board's discretion,
     exceptions may be made in the case of overseas areas dependent
     upon kingdoms or principalities.

So the central/western principality, as proposed, would be the only
one of the three that COULDN'T go kingdom until one of the others did
first.  Unless the Board were petitioned to change or waive the above
rule, and it seems to me unlikely (with no real data, of course) that
they'd go for that.

AND, while I'm replying -- the version of the border that *I* heard of
was I-35 and I-35 EAST, and any group which had that road going thru
it would be in the central / west principality.  That would put Elfsea
and Steppes (and Tempio, Bryn Gwlad, et al) in the C&WP.

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