Corpora (was Re: Selecting coronets by rapier)

harry billings psobaka at
Thu Oct 10 03:30:02 PDT 1996

>> Actually, it was in the very first Governing & Policy Decision that
>> authorized "Period Fencing".
>That wording is a bit ambiguous; I first read it as meaning G&PD #1,
>not as the first one dealing with rapier combat.  The full wording is
>    5. RAPIER FIGHTING IN THE SOCIETY (September 1979, revised July 1989)
>    The Board acknowledges period rapier combat as an ancillary
>    activity of the Society when properly supervised by the Marshals
>    and when approved by individual kingdoms.
>      Rapier combat may take place within a kingdom only by rules
>    established by the Marshallate of that kingdom and after the
>    approval of those rules by the Marshal of the Society.  The Board
>    directs the Marshal of the Society to formulate guidelines for
>    rapier combat within the Society.
>        Rapier combat, not having been part of formal tournament
>    combat in the Middle Ages, shall not be a part of formal
>    tournament lists for royal ranks and armigerous titles.

If I read that correctly then archery could be used to select cornets. 
Hay I could win Crown, maybe this spliting the Kingdom into thirds is not
such a bad idea :-) ;-) .
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort

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