Corpora (was Re: Selecting coronets by rapier)

Richard Bainter pug at
Thu Oct 10 06:38:21 PDT 1996

>       2. General Considerations
>          a. Boundaries.  Each branch must have established borders,
>      enclosing a single, contiguous area.  At the Board's discretion,
>      exceptions may be made in the case of overseas areas dependent
>      upon kingdoms or principalities.
> So the central/western principality, as proposed, would be the only
> one of the three that COULDN'T go kingdom until one of the others did
> first.  Unless the Board were petitioned to change or waive the above
> rule, and it seems to me unlikely (with no real data, of course) that
> they'd go for that.

Well that depends on interreptation though.

The northern and southern/eastern groups would still be a single
contiguous area, they would just be a little odd shaped.

At least the last time I checked, East Texas and Oklahoma could still


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