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Dia duit!

"Matthew R. Popalisky"  wrote in a message to All:

 "RP> To those that were offended when I refered to HG Inman as the Onc 
 "RP> and Ever Other King, I am sorry if this offended.  

Anyone offended by that needs to get a real life.

 "RP> I thought it
 "RP> was an affectionate nick-name and a take-off of the Once and
 "RP> Future King that had to do with his ability to win Crown and
 "RP> because he has always done a good job while bearing the crown.

I coined that phrase after his 3rd reign because he'd been King 3 times over a
period of 6 consecutive reigns.  Unfortunately, a bard picked it up and ran
with it.  Also, unfortunately, Inman doesn't no when to quit and has sat the
throne entirely too many times.  And I don't consider telling the people and
officers of a Kingdom to violate the edicts of the BoD being a good King.

 "RP> It just seems odd to hear folk saying "it's being rammed, how dare
 "RP> they" about a proposal made by two peers that from what I have
 "RP> heard, are some of the most respected people around, and not the
 "RP> sort one would expect foul play and chicainery from.

Not at all odd when what you have in fact heard from your Baron is that one of
those "respected" persons said that it *would* be rammed down our throats. As
I've stated before, that pronouncement radically altered the tone of the
discussion during our meeting. So, I'm not the only one that heard that; in
fact, three other peers, all with well over a decade and half of activity in
the SCA, heard it.

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