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Thu Oct 10 16:34:38 PDT 1996

Heidi J Torres wrote:
>< snip >
> quick downward slam.  Victorious, Gunnora advances to the next round.
> Meadhbh and Cedric face off next, but since Cedric can't properly
> alliterate with Meadhbh stuffing pottage down his throat, he's an easy
> kill.  

gawd....that would burn my hands!!!!  i'd much rather stuff hummus down
his throat!!!!! at least my hands wouldn't burn and I hate oatmeal
between my fingers!!!  But, I do think it more appropriate that I hit
him with my muicc-fheoil (ask any good irishman...they should know what
it is)...
> Meadhbh draws the bi
> against Damaris, who's standing there looking smug with at least a gallon
> of strawberry mead.  Meadhbh gets clobbered on the strawberry mead before
> Damaris gets full on mediteranean food!  Meadhbh is out!  Out cold, that
> is. 

OUT???? OUT???? From strawberry mead?I am in House Dragonshadow...That
is highly unlikely!!!!  Dragons'breath maybe but not Damaris' mead (tho
wonderful it is to drink)

> And to all a good night!
> Mari ferch Rathyen, OL
> "Art is not for the weak." sides still hurt from laughing so hard....thanks for the

Mistress Meadhbh

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