Rude Slayings

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Thu Oct 10 16:53:55 PDT 1996

On 9 Oct 1996, Michael Gunter wrote:

> First and foremost is to take out the spears and poles.   The middle of a
> group of spearmen is a delightfully target-rich environment.  Once you have

Not just a smile, full belly laugh.

> survived that and there are no more pesky spears to worry about then what? 
> One tactic that I have found effective is to go to one end of the shield wall
> and crash into it, thus creating a domino effect.  This creates a deal of
> confusion amongst the wall and usually the spears have a field day with all
> the new targets thus presented.  Another tactic is just to walk over to the

NOw, wait.  you really can go over and literal run into and domino a
shield wall legally?  I agree, sounds very effective, and it must have a
sound that would delight John Cage (sorry, obscure-ish 20th cent lmusic
reference)., but it just doesn't sound very sporting or safe.......

Oh well, all's fair..


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