Rude Slayings

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Fri Oct 11 09:24:13 PDT 1996

Dear Kateryn,

Please forgive me if my posting on "Dominoeing" a shield wall was incomplete.
 You probably got the impression of me running full speed into someone's side
and crashing them into everybody else.  This is not quite the case.  To
"Domino" the wall, go to the far side (right or left doesn't matter) and give
a solid full-body push into the defender, then once there is some momentum,
keep pushing  until they start piling up on each other.  This usually
inspires your own shield wall to charge into the now disorganized group of
people.  Safe?  If done properly, yes.  In the years I have used this
technique I cannot think of anyone injured because of it.  Effective? 
Frequently, although I've been creamed for my efforts as well (hey, this is
all a big chess game anyway).  Sporting?  Well now when you play behind the
lines you take what you can get.  I always try to be chivalrous but if we
were all sporting then melees would simply be everyone lining up on the field
and engaging in single combat.  Besides, I've never had the reputation of
being nice!  hee!


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On 9 Oct 1996, Michael Gunter wrote:

> First and foremost is to take out the spears and poles.   The middle of a
> group of spearmen is a delightfully target-rich environment.  Once you have

Not just a smile, full belly laugh.

> survived that and there are no more pesky spears to worry about then what? 
> One tactic that I have found effective is to go to one end of the shield
> and crash into it, thus creating a domino effect.  This creates a deal of
> confusion amongst the wall and usually the spears have a field day with all
> the new targets thus presented.  Another tactic is just to walk over to the

NOw, wait.  you really can go over and literal run into and domino a
shield wall legally?  I agree, sounds very effective, and it must have a
sound that would delight John Cage (sorry, obscure-ish 20th cent lmusic
reference)., but it just doesn't sound very sporting or safe.......

Oh well, all's fair..


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