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Kateryn Heathrydge wrote:

> 1st, The period turnaments *I* have heard of, none gets it down to one
> person (though I hear the knights just *love* Pas d' Armes - fight and
> fight and fight....).  I guess we could have a war to determine the
> victor, it certainly would be an interesting change.  If I am wrong about
> the tourny thing, I am sure someone will say so, and I invite them to.

According to most of the (admittedly limited) research that I've done,
you are mostly correct - there would usually be several "winners" or
"champions" for a given tournament.  Thus, by insisting on a single
winner, aren't we imposing a 20th century "ideal" in a (theoretically)
medieval re-creation?  Wouldn't having multiple winners give a better
feeling for what a medieval tournament was like?

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