I-35 split?

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>>It'd be a great premise for a war, but I can't see it as a boundary for a
>>     -Tivar Moondragon
>I agree that this split is not a very good one.  I liked the idea of two or
>three roughly even bands along east - west lines.  I was just pointing out
>that this discussion is reactive enough to hear and respond to concerns
>that are being raised.

Shucks Brother Burke, the problem with a "layer cake split" along east-west
lines leaves the distances 'bout the same. It also _totally disconnects_ one
"region/principality" from another one. The same problem arises when one uses
the "picket fence split" with north/south lines.

If I were to support any proposal at all it would look like a "T" or "Y" or
maybe...an odd modified "Y".

The idea, to me, would to give all three principalities an "even split" of
populace numbers, number of groups, and area. Also, to consider the "distance
factor" How far is it from one end of the proposed principality to the other?
If the distance is basically equal it would ease travel between the different
branches. Consider the relative strength and populace density in the branches
and then draw the lines in an fair and equal manner.

>Burke McCrory
> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

Sir Kief...

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