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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Fri Oct 11 06:59:52 PDT 1996

damaris wrote:
> maddie teller-kook wrote:
> > > Meadhbh draws the bi
> > > against Damaris, who's standing there looking smug with at least a gallon
> > > of strawberry mead.  Meadhbh gets clobbered on the strawberry mead before
> > > Damaris gets full on mediteranean food!  Meadhbh is out!  Out cold, that
> > > is.
> >
> > OUT???? OUT???? From strawberry mead?I am in House Dragonshadow...That
> > is highly unlikely!!!!  Dragons'breath maybe but not Damaris' mead (tho
> > wonderful it is to drink)
> Let me tell you about the batch I have going currently.  Last night,
> Gunnora noticed it was bubbling out of the fermentation lock.  So I went
> over to it to remove it, clean, and replace it.  When I took it off red
> strawberry mead blew out of it like Mt. Vesuvius (sp).  Gunnora took a
> photo of me next to it with mead all over me.  The point of this story is
> that my strawberry mead is powerful stuff.  (makes for a sticky floor
> too)

geesh..seems those strawberry drinks are mighty powerful!!!!  I can't
wait to see this picture!!!!!!

> > > "Art is not for the weak."
> And neither is my strawberry mead.
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