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Yes, Kateryn, I do care.  Not only because I have a child that I wish to see
get involved and experience success on many levels, but also, I am currently
in school to learn how to be a teacher (Elem Ed).  I want my child to have a
wide and varied life in the mundane aspect but also in this game that we love
to play.  In offering this to my child, I hope to make it available to other
children.  Sometimes, those of us who are parents, forget that the SCA is
supposed to have educational aspects to it.  Education for our children
should not, in my opinion, be dumping you kid at the MoC and then the
parent(s) going off and doing whatever.  But, like said earlier by someone,
that is often the sad reality.  It is also a reality, that there have been
people willing to offer time, supplies or/and ideas, that have been
overlooked, brushed over or just plain ignored.  This idea may turn out no
better, but I am willing to get it written up, submit it and see what

Thank you for the web page, Lady Chiara.  I will go on later and look at in
depth.  The age of 14 may be one that will have to be considered.  One thing
I really don't want is for anyone to risk losing their child.

The pipe insulation is a good idea.  If I remember right, it is a fairly
strong closed cell foam.  Might provide rigidity also.

Thank you Savein.  The information will be useful.  Gives me something to
look at that has been discussed before.  I'm really sure that I'm not the
first person to try and do this. 

Well, you all have continued to help me in this project.  Thank you.

Lady Catrin Mac Cracken

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