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Going thru old mail in my mbox ...

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996 Caitrin3 at wrote:
> I have a question for you.  Why can't children participate in baufer
> weapon lists?

I've only heard the term, but I've always assumed it was "boffer".

> I have also been told that in
> Corpora, it says that no one under the age of sixteen is allowed to
> participate in combat, is this true, and if so, can you let me know where, so
> that I can read it, please.

It's actually Govering and Policy Decision #12, "SCA COMBAT-RELATED
ACTIVITIES (July 1986, Rev. January 1992)":

    5. Minor Participants in SCA Combat-Related Activities: No person
    who has not attained his or her sixteenth (16th) may be authorized
    in armored combat or the marshalling of armored combat.  No person
    who has not attained his or her fourteenth (14th) birthday may be
    authorized for any form of SCA combat-related activity.

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