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Sat Oct 12 18:33:21 PDT 1996

Matthew R. Popalisky wrote:
> Calontir (as some of you know) has been thrashing through the whole
> subject of archery and the SCA.  Out of curiosity, how does Ansteorra
> reward their sterling archers?
> Kateryn

Generally speaking, we don't.  There are exceptions; seven Sable Thistles 
and one Laurel, I'm told.  But in general, archers don't get much notice. 

I have been in support of an award specifically for archery for quite 
some time, but it's never happened.

So, in Ansteorra, archers are either unfairly and unfortunately failing 
to get the recognition they are earning, or they are the most pure and 
wonderful of SCA people, those who do it for fun and not for awards.

- Galen
not an archer; but a patron of archery.

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc. (now upgraded with ASTA!)
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