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Sun Oct 13 08:51:19 PDT 1996

>Matthew R. Popalisky wrote:
>> Calontir (as some of you know) has been thrashing through the whole
>> subject of archery and the SCA.  Out of curiosity, how does Ansteorra
>> reward their sterling archers?
>> Kateryn
>Generally speaking, we don't.  There are exceptions; seven Sable Thistles 
>and one Laurel, I'm told.  But in general, archers don't get much notice. 
>- Galen
>not an archer; but a patron of archery.
>Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc. (now upgraded with ASTA!)
>Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at / "noblesse oblige"
There are eight Sable Thistles, according to HL Gilli, one Sable Falcon, and
one Laurel, but other wise you are right Sir Galen. I recived a Sable
Thistle at War Chieftain in Aug. to become # eight.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort

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