Erik Langhans modius at
Wed Oct 9 11:44:01 PDT 1996

Before we go off the deep end I wanted to say a word or so 
concerning Lord Michael's posting.  As Ansteorra's past Kingdom 
Hospitaler and one of my Deputy Kingdom Hospitalers, his concern 
has always been with making certain that we do everything to attract 
and retain as many SCA members as possible.  While I may not agree 
with his exact posting, I know in his heart the only worry he had was 
that we may be driving people away from the SCA.  Remember a 
Hospitaler's first duty is bringing in and retaining new (and past) 
members of our fair Society.

While I still have my Hospitaler's hat on I wanted to plug the Texas 
Ren. Fair in Magnolia, Texas.  This event is critical in bringing in new 
members, especially to those groups in the South.  If you need info or 
free passes contact Lord Stephen the TRF coordinator at 
713-956-2701 for details.  In order to get a pass you will need to put 
some time in at the SCA compound (info booth, demos, etc) or at the 
battle mound (marshalling, fighting, crowd controll).  Maybe I'll see 
you out there this weekend.


modius at

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