Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Wed Oct 9 15:27:25 PDT 1996

Although I entitled this "Principality" this is more of a question.  Ly.
Kateryn Heathrydge made the statement "and I have not heard a word against
the Once and Every Other King Duke Inman."  From your tone I take it that
this is at the very least disrespectful of His Grace.  Also, perhaps I am
mistaken, but I get the impression that you are now placing the blame (if
there is any blame to be placed)  upon him.  As has been stated several times
in this forum there does not appear to be any "conspiracy" involved, simply
the opening of discussions.  There are many misconceptions about the
"higher-ups" sitting in their living rooms dreaming up intricate plots to
keep them in power.  I do not feel this is the case.  

Please blame no one for proposing ideas, not the Crown nor Inman nor Sigmund.
 The people rule this Kingdom.  Nobody can force Ansteorra to do something
that it doesn't want to do.  Their Majesties and Their Graces would gain
nothing by forcing Principalities down our throats, and I feel it couldn't be
done if they tried.

Please, let's all keep our eyes on the true adgenda and continue discussing
Pro's and Con's in a reasonable manner without casting blame or allegations
upon anyone.  This Kingdom has enough troubles without someone creating more.

Please forgive me if I sound harsh or as if I am taking sides.  Neither is
the case.  I'm just asking people to take a breath and try again.

Thank You,


Sir Gunthar Jonsson

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