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Heilsa Gnith and all other fighters (heavy) out there...

Kief his guise as Marshal at Large.

>Hmm, here's another point for discussion -- How small of a knee wing can you
>safely get away with? I'd like to minimize my knee wings & wrap the edges w.
>tubing so they won't cut thru my bracae.
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Kingdom of Ansteorra  _Complete Participant's Handbook_  1995 Edition

Page 16 Section 3, G, Knee Protection:

"The kneecaps (including 1 inch above and 1 inch below) on both knees, as well
as both sides of the knee joint, are required to be covered as follows:

	1.  Knee armor will be constructed of rigid materials and will be
	    backed by a minimum of 3/8 inch of closed cell foam (or the

No "wings" are required at all. As long as the cap and sides of the knee are
covered (by sides I would advise all the way back to the tendons behind the
knee) you are in good shape as concerns the rules. Remember, though, that these
rules set forth _minimum_ is not guaranteed by the minimum
standards in all possible situations.

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