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Thu Oct 17 17:15:01 PDT 1996

Heilsa, Ya'll.

        I've been following this discussion, and it seems that the original
poster on this thread is looking to have armor that will be easily concealed
under his breeches and look like he is essentially not wearing armor, while
still keeping his tender tush, legs, thighs and knees unbruised and
unbattered, and plastic armor will be figuring into this.

        Problems that must be overcome include: (1) not enough coverage of
tender areas (2) pinching between plates that can raise blood blisters and
hugeous welts (3) avoiding the late-period armor look of the wing on the
kneecop (4) providing adequate protection for the knee consonant with the
Fighter's Handbook and if possible provide protection for the back of the
knee as well.

        I don't know that I'd particularly like having to struggle in and
out of football pants as a part of armoring... it's much too much like
forcing a fat girl into a girdle (which I have more than ample experience
doing already, thank you!). 

        I've been considering this same problem, since I'd like to have
armor that looks like I'm not wearing any armor.  I think a good solution
would be to have a pair of reasonably close-fitting arming pants,
well-enough made to stay up (perhaps a pair of cut-off denim overalls wold
be a good start). Now on the areas needing coverage, I'd use small
overlapping plastic plates sewn to the fabric (such as Alysha or Iolo use
for their jacks).  The design is very flexible, so it would move with the
fighter.  You can use looser placement of the plates than on a jack, but the
overlap still protects against the armor pinch.  I'd wear a knee cop without
the big side wings under this, strapped tightly to the leg to keep it from
floating around and not covering properly.  The plates over the knee area on
the arming pants would not necessarily overlap (thus providing maximum
flexibility... the kneecop underneath keeps the plates from pinching) but
plates on the back of the pant leg in this area protect the back of the
knee.  I wouldn't want a whole lot of armor on the high inner thigh (where I
almost never get hit) but you could have fairly comfy groin armor just by
sewing plates over the appropriate region.

        Over the armored pants I'd put a cosmetic pair of somewhat loose
breeches in a medium-weight (at least) fabric, appropriate for the persona,
and at least an inch or so longer than the bottom of the knee.  This would
hide the armoring nicely and let the overall appearance be better, while
still possibly providing superior leg/kne/groin protection.

        OK.  Now ya'll dissect the idea and figure out the problems.
Virtual armor engineering by committee.  What a concept.



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