The Principality of Hell

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Mari ferch Rathtyen suggested:
>And besides, if we were going to give the heralds fits over something and 
>take a name from mythology, I have to go with Hell.  Anyone living in 
>south-central Texas knows how appropriate this is.  And think of the 
>great euphemisms!  Our royals could be the Prince and Princess of 
>Darkness, our fighters could be the Legions of Hell.  Peerage circles 
>could be affectionately known as the Infernos...

Mari, I will say it again.  You are Eeeviiilll!  The mantle of the Evil
Listress has fallen upon thy shoulders!  I love it.

Some possible awards given in the Principality of Hell:

AoA level
Arts:  The Award of the Cypress (Cypress being assoicated with death and the
underworld in Graeco-Roman mythology).  Badge:  a cypress tree.

Service: The Award of the Flagstone (as in Mari's suggestion recalling that
the Path to Hell is paved with good intentions).  Badge:  a golden path
undulating back and forth across the badge ending with flames in base.

Chivalric Combat:  The Award of the Furies.  (The Roman spirits who exacted
vengeance) Badge: a woman with wings of flame.

Rapier Combat: The Award of the Saber of Shaitan.  Badge: a saber fesswise
with a blade of flame.

Target Archery: The Award of the Flaming Arrow.  Badge:  an arrow with a
ball of flame replacing the head.

Combat Archery: The Award of the Brimstone Bow.  Badge: a flaming bow.

Servcice to the Coronet:  The Award of the Prince/ess's Pitchfork.  Badge:
a pitchfork, possibly prodding a hapless vicxtim in the backside.

Outstanding Service as a Hospitaller or to a New Group:  The Award of the
Ferryman. (as in Charon, who ferried spirits across the River Styx).  Badge:
a ferryman poling his boat. Alternate badge:  two golden coins.

GoA level
Arts: Companion to the Order of Persephone.  Badge: a pomegranite (like the
many seeds of the fruit, the GoA level artist should demonstrate skill in
several areas).

Service:  Companion to the Order of Sisyphus (that's the guy in Hades damned
to endless roll a boulder up a steep hill).  Badge: A boulder balanced atop
a pile.

Chivalric Combat: Companion to the Order of the Legions of Hell
(colloquially, holders of this award would be known as "Hellions")  Badge: a
black horse maned with and breathing fire.

Combined Skill in Chivalric, Rapier and Archery Combat:  Companion to the
Order of Cerberus (cooloquially, holders opf this award would be known as
"Hell-Hounds").  Badge:  a three-headed dog.


Wow!  The possibilities are endless!  I compiled a brief list of words and
names that would be relevant to developing awards and armory for the
Principality of Hell:

Abbadon, The Abyss, Acheron, Ahriman, anathema, Appolyon, Asmodeus, Avernus,
Beelzebub, Belial, brimstone, Cadeuceus, Cerberus, chthonic, cursed,
cypress, damn, damnable, damned, demon, demoniac, demonic, den of iniquity,
devil, devilish, devilment, diabolical, doom, doomed, dybbuk, Erinyes,
fiend, fiendish, Furies, Gehenna, Hades, Hel, hell, hell-bent, hell-cat,
hell-hole, hell-raiser, hellion, hellish, holocaust, infernal, Inferno,
Ixion, Lethe, Lilith, Limbo, Loki, Lord of the Flies, Lucifer, Memnosyne,
Mephistopholes, narcissus, Nastrond, Netherworld, Niflheim, Niflhel,
nightmare, Old Harry, Old Nick, Old Scratch, Orcus, Orpheus, Osiris,
Pandemonium, perdition, Persephone, The Pit, Pluto, pomegranite,
Psychopompos, Purgatory, Satan, satanic, Set, Shaitan, Sheol, Sisyphus,
Stygian, Styx, Tantalus, Tartarus, Underworld



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