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harry billings psobaka at
Thu Oct 17 05:56:19 PDT 1996

>Pug said:
>>Hopefully this time next year I'll have a press to make my own ciders
>>instead of having to buy it.
>Are you going to be making or buying this press?
>I can remember trying to use a blender to get the juice out of the
>apples. I ended up having to add so much water to make this work at
>all that what I got out was way too diluted.
>I have considered a press in the past, but decided just to buy the
>juice since I wouldn't use the press that much.
>Is this press going to be a vertical screw type? Or some other?
>The one disadvantage I can see to buying the fresh fruit and
>juicing it is that you are buying prime, top of the line fruit for
>this. It was my impression that both today and in period the
>bruised or otherwise less than prime fruit ended up in juice unless
>there was a surplus that you couldn't use any other way. 
>But perhaps the extra expense is not that much for what you are 
>getting in the way of no prservatives and natural yeasts.
>Comments, anyone?
>Stefan li Rous
If you are going to press apples for juice you have to pulp them first or
you will just break your press and/or not get much juice from them.
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