Re Ansteopality

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Oct 17 11:03:30 PDT 1996

> We could then have border wars with Elfsea, Steppes, Stargate,
> Bordermarch, and others to claim their Cantons, Colleges, or unclaimed
> lands.

But we don't NEED to have principalities to do this.

About six years ago there was a small war between Steppes and
Bryn Gwlad called the Moustache War. This was only my third SCA
event, but I remember it as a fun event with a lot of enthusiasm
on both sides.

The whole "war" was arranged over a silly arguement over the baron's
moustaches, so that there would be none of the politics of inter-
principality conflicts. Unfortuantely, some still found or created 
politics in this event.

I think we should be able to solve this desire for regional competition
without resorting to principalities to do it.

Anybody for a small intra-kingdom war?

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

(What an intro to the SCA. Second event was the Candlemas with the ice
storm. Third was Moustache War with a "tornado". Fourth was an extremely
wet, swampy crown tourney. But I'm still here.)

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