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harry billings psobaka at
Thu Oct 17 18:17:09 PDT 1996

>Plachoya Sobaka says:
>>If you are going to press apples for juice you have to pulp them first or
>>you will just break your press and/or not get much juice from them.
>So, what do you find is the easiest modern way? a blender?
>What was the period method?
Some how this got sent before I was done with it. To go on. You also need
some sort of cloth to hold the pulp in, strong open weave not real
absorbent. (Long ago [the early 50's] far away[ southwestern Mich.] my dad
worked in a cider mill/fruit processing plant.
A blender will not work it lacks the power to do the job, maybe a food
processor or some thing on that line. Best would be a hammer mill, not to be
confused will a grain mill. Is a drum with hinged fingers that pass through
slots on one side and beat what ever is in them to a pulp.( Real big ones
are used on cattle bones.) You could also try a meat grinder or some thing
of that sort.
I don't know how they would have done it in period, but probly cut them uop
and use some sort of crusher perhapps a pair of drums with riges on them
that interlocked.
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