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Thu Oct 17 18:17:16 PDT 1996

>On 16 Oct 1996, Mark Harris wrote:
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>> Pug said:
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>> Comments, anyone?
>Well, you could come up to extereme south Calontir the first weekend of
>Oct. next year and see what you can find at the Lincoln AR Appple
>Festival.  It seems, however, that if one looks, it is possible to find
>fruit stands that sell positively divine apples (oh, SIGH!!) by the
>bushel, the real apples God intended, not those hulking mutanats from
>Washington State.
>Concord vinyards and apple orchards, I'm going to miss this place...
Not just concord vinyards and apple orchards, peaches, apricots, cherries
sweet and sour and if you are realy fast wine grapes.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort

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