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>> We could then have border wars with Elfsea, Steppes, Stargate,
>> Bordermarch, and others to claim their Cantons, Colleges, or unclaimed
>> lands.
>But we don't NEED to have principalities to do this.

Heilsa, Ya'll

        Or how about the Butterfly Hunt?  Jan and Kemreth were on the
throne, we hadn't been a kingdom but a year or so... Baron Bjorn of Namron
laid claim to Bjornsborg, said it was his personal property (Bjorn's-burg)
and should pay tribute.  Baroness Alexandra Tatiana Feodnorovna of Novgorod
brought Russian plotting to all time new highs of excitement (I'm just a
sweet young thing from the steppes of Russia!  Bat, bat.  Sigh.  Wink.)
Tribute was refused, the situation began to bubble, and conflict was arranged.  

        Then when Bjorn showed up with the Namron forces and mercenaries,
prepared to seize the tribute he felt was owed him, who should appear but
The King.  Who wanted to know, quite reasonably, where one of his barons was
going with all those armed men through the Crown's lands without permission
to wage war on another territorial landholder!  Bjorn thought fast and
replied that he and his men were not going to war, they were on a.... um...
ah... Butterfly Hunt!  That's it!  Jan twirled his mustache and asked in a
droll fashion why Bjorn and his men needed all those sharp weapons.  I
believe Bjorn made allegations as to the size and puissance of Ansteorran

        Jan went to Baroness Alexandra, and asked if she woulkd withdraw her
troops... she agreed to do so, but only so far as Loop 1604, so that she
could protect the lands needed to grow crops and prevent winter starvation.
Of course, negotiations broke down, and a grand carnage was held by all.
Boy, those were the days.   A nice war and we didn't have to travel millions
of miles to go to it, we held it on our own soil.  We ought to do thtese
things more often!

Hooray for genuine Ansteorra history.



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