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Daniel de Lincoln wrote:

>A tangent follows ...
>On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, dennis grace <amazing at> wrote:
>> Lyonel here.  On the matter of forming a principality here in the
>> heart of Ansteorra (Steorranheorte perhaps?)
>"And the period exemplar or format that the name follows is ...?"
>That's one of the first questions that would be asked by the heralds
>before registering the name -- and a registered name is required for a
>principality to be formed.

Yes, Milord, as a former baronial pursuivant (Azure), principality herald
(Goldenwing), and SCA commenting herald, I am fully aware of this
requirement.  Steorranheorte was just a rough suggestion, Anglo Saxon for
"Heart of the Star" (although I did a cursory check of my Clarke-Hall
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary before I posted it) intended to generate discussion
of the matter, not to garner support for a heartfelt desire (note the
"perhaps" in the original statement). I think it's more important for folks
to discuss this idea and get a rough idea what kind of name (in terms of
sense and language at least) they want associated with their home before the
heralds get a hold of it.  Of course, any constructive suggestions you might
wish to offer would surely be appreciated.  Until I can add something more
to this discussion, I remain

Yours in (non-Heraldic) Service

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Baro, metetz en guatge                    |  Lords, pawn your castles,
Chastels e vilas e ciutatz                |  your towns and cities.
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                                                    draw your swords.

                   -- Bertran de Born (a really fun Viscount)

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