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Fri Oct 18 18:47:15 PDT 1996

During Populace in the Shire of Seawinds held last evening, there was discussed 
the issue of forming principalities.  The Shire was opposed to the originally 
proposed division as it would appear to cut the Shire off from the nearest 
larger populaces.

However, the consensus was that a pricipality that encompasses the entire 
Southern Region and the Coastal Region (or at least River Tree, Seawinds, and 
La Marche Sauvage) would not only be acceptable to Seawinds but enthusiasticly 

Even though we are obliged to Stargate, we are geographically closer to Bryn 
Gwlad and Bjornsborg and our members tend to attend their functions much more 
than Stargate's for that and other reasons.  We are more South Texas than 

Willem Gerritsz van Wije
Stonewall Van Wie III         svanwie at

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