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Mari here, with some comments on the good Sir Lyonell's posting...

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, dennis guy grace wrote:

> If Bryn Gwlad folk begin to spearhead an effort to build a principality, we
> must do so with the goal of instigating similar movements within the other
> local groups. If the folk of Tempio or Bjornsborg begin to perceive the
> concept of a principality as a Bryn Gwlad Thang, why should they want to
> take part?  

Why, because it could be fun, of course!  Or chaotic.  Or both.  Either 
would appeal to Bjornsborg.  But yes, you are correct.  Input should be 
garnered from all areas that either want to be involved or, 
geographically, could be involved.
> All winking aside, I know no one member can speak for the rest, but I know
> why I joined.  I read Mallory and Berger and Steinbeck on Arthur and the
> Round Table; I read Chaucer and Chretien de Troyes; I lost sleep in _The
> Once and Future King_ and _The Crystal Cave_; I learned Old and Middle
> English so that I could read _Beowulf_ and _King Horn_ and _Sir Gawain and
> the Green Knight_ and all the rhymed and alliterated Morte Arthur's.  I grew
> up wanting to be King Arthur and Sir Lancelot and Saladin and William
> Marshall and Bertran de Born and the Black Prince.  I guess some part of me
> still wants that because--as silly as this might sound--I'm having trouble
> keeping my eyes from clouding over as I type this.  Romance and pageantry,
> pomp and chivalry--that's what this particular Joe SCAer wanted and still wants.

My eyes are clouding too and I'm getting that weird misty feeling inside 
just reading this part of your post.  That's why I joined and in spite of 
everything else I do, that's why I'm still here -- the "I am there!" 
feeling of connectedness.  Good sir, if only everyone felt this way.

> And *sigh*, yeah, I like hitting people with sticks.

We all have our little idiosyncracies...

> >I would enjoy helping start a principality *if* I still have fun and
> >not have to deal with the political BS of doing it. I have no problems
> >being in one, just the transition. (I figure people will calm down over
> >time.)
> Sounds like an excellent attitude to me.  If it isn't fun, I don't want to
> do it either.  We can erect signs at the borders:  ENTERING THE PRINCIPALITY

Alright, now I must speak most seriously.  Word has come that Their 
Majesties will be attending our 20th Baronial Jubilee.  It is their wish, 
desire and, yea, their ORDER, that a sign, reading much like the above, 
along with a trash can in which to dispose of such contraband, be 
positioned at the gate at our upcoming event.  Sigh.  Now personally, I 
don't see the need.  It's like having a sign saying "WELCOME TO PHOENIX: 
this thing, and since it is but a trifling matter to put such a thing 
together -- Seraphina could probably raise an eyebrow skyward and one 
would appear in a beam of light -- it shall be done.  What I don't want 
to hear is: "Hey, look at that sign!  They stole that idea from Sir 
Lyonell!" or worse: "Hey, look at that sign!  They stole that idea from 
rambling now, it's late, I think I'll just be going.  But anyway, when 
you see the sign, it's the Crown's fault.

> Yours in Service
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Mari ferch Rathyen, OL
Baroness of Bjornsborg

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