Ray Katz scurlock at
Fri Oct 18 23:31:20 PDT 1996

Lyonel wrote:

> >I would enjoy helping start a principality *if* I still have fun
> >and not have to deal with the political BS of doing it.

Lyonel, I am glad to see you still swinging on this.

The above is why the Crown gave us Coronets and seneschals.  Like I 
said before, such a move will only have credibility if we can go 
before the kingdom with a straight face and say, "Bryn Gwlad wants to 
do this."  Get me the consensus, and Aethelyan and I will be pleased 
to take it to the other Coronets and shire seneschals. (We'd love to, 
in fact.  We both think that doing a principality would be a great 
lot of fun.)

It may help the proposal if a name, if not suggested heraldry, could 
be floated.  I've heard "Steorrahoerte" or some such bandied about. 
(I don't know.....)  What would that make us, Steorrahortons or 


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