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Sun Oct 20 01:31:59 PDT 1996

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Ray Katz wrote:

> Lyonel wrote:
> > >I would enjoy helping start a principality *if* I still have fun
> > >and not have to deal with the political BS of doing it.
> Lyonel, I am glad to see you still swinging on this.
> The above is why the Crown gave us Coronets and seneschals.  Like I 
> said before, such a move will only have credibility if we can go 
> before the kingdom with a straight face and say, "Bryn Gwlad wants to 
> do this."  Get me the consensus, and Aethelyan and I will be pleased 
> to take it to the other Coronets and shire seneschals. (We'd love to, 
> in fact.  We both think that doing a principality would be a great 
> lot of fun.)
> It may help the proposal if a name, if not suggested heraldry, could 
> be floated.  I've heard "Steorrahoerte" or some such bandied about. 
> (I don't know.....)  What would that make us, Steorrahortons or 
> Steorrahortlings?
>                                 Jeremy
And Mari replies....

Since people are throwing names around, I'd like to bring forward my 
favorite at this time: Tierra Leon.  This is based on a suggestion by Sir 
Pendaran (back when the three principality idea was being masticated) who 
proposed the name Terre d'Lyon for the Bjorn-Gwlad area.  While my 
preference for the Spanish name is dictated both by the poetic sound and 
rhythm as well as for the heavy Hispanic influence in south and central 
Texas, I also like Pendaran's suggestion, as well as the Latin version: 
Terra Leonis.  If you haven't guessed by now, all these translate to Land 
of the Lion.

While the Black Star is the most recognized symbol of our kingdom, the 
lion is also a powerful emblem of Ansteorra.  In many people's minds it 
stands for what is best in the SCA: the pagentry, chivalry, persona and 
"magic" that makes us more than a sport or a funny "dress up" club.  As 
that would be our goal in the possible formation of a principality -- the 
pagentry, the honor, the magic and the fun, rather than bureaucracy and 
politics -- it might be a good idea to keep that symbol to the forefront.

And speaking of names, such a thing is a deeply important matter, not to 
be entered into without great thought.  As Baron Raimond (Moonbear) often 
warns me: "To give a thing a Name makes it real."  Suggestions and 
discussions about names on this mailing list are just that: suggestions 
and discussions.  Just to keep things in perspective.....

Buenas Noches a todos,


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