Richard Bainter pug at
Mon Oct 21 06:46:15 PDT 1996

> >I would enjoy helping start a principality *if* I still have fun
> >and not have to deal with the political BS of doing it.
> The above is why the Crown gave us Coronets and seneschals.

And the main reason I wouldn't think of applying for either of the
above. Being a Chronicler I find to be great fun. Being a politician I
find to be displeasing.

Something that needs to be remembered though is that the Coronets and
Seneschals *have* to communicate with the populace when there is a
problem. Statements that the Kingdom can't continue in this direction
due to problems, without concrete examples, do us no good. (Behind the
scenes politics can't be healthy.) In the final outcome, the populace
makes the decision. Hopefully it will be an educated one.

> Like I 
> said before, such a move will only have credibility if we can go 
> before the kingdom with a straight face and say, "Bryn Gwlad wants to 
> do this."  Get me the consensus, and Aethelyan and I will be pleased 
> to take it to the other Coronets and shire seneschals. (We'd love to, 
> in fact.  We both think that doing a principality would be a great 
> lot of fun.)

Personally I'd rather see if Bjornsborg and some of the other close
baronies and shires are willing to do it and come to us for support.
(From the messages I've seen on here from Bjornsborg, they are wanting
to do it.) This Barony has worked very hard over the last few years to
become friendly and personable to all people, that I don't want it
ruined by getting big heads thinking that we spearheaded the whole 
movement. (Privately, if not publicly.) Since I live here, I take it
very personally when I feel there could be something that would damage
Bryn Gwlad.

Btw, I'd like to see the entire coastal and southern regions do this
*if* it happens. (If I'm remembering my dividing lines right.)


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