Ansteopality Revisited

j.l.jackson hartel jhartel at
Sun Oct 20 00:53:02 PDT 1996

>Hmm.  I'd like to see the following groups involved in this principality as
a start: Bryn Gwlad, Bjornsborg, Raven's Fort, Middleford, Emerald Keep.
>Without good support from all those groups, this won't fly.  

Ok...Does this mean those groups from the central/south whom you did NOT
include, Tempio, Shadowlands, Ffynnon Gath, Isle of the Golden
Phoenix,etc...get to become our own independent principality?  Just curious....

Moriel***(who may physically live in the Middleford zip-sort area but
chooses to play and call Tempio home...)

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