Ansteopality Revisited

Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Sat Oct 19 23:52:02 PDT 1996

Heilsa, All.

        Thanks, Sir Lyonel, for contributing in a useful way to the
principality discussion.  I think you are exactly right:  those of us who
like the idea of a principality should work to at least lay the foundations
for one in our own area, including looking for popular support, playing
around with names and heraldry and the like.

        I'm for a principality for our region, that being Central/South.
Hmm.  I'd like to see the following groups involved in this principality as
a start: Bryn Gwlad, Bjornsborg, Raven's Fort, Middleford, Emerald Keep.
Without good support from all those groups, this won't fly.  Each group will
have to decide on its own if they want to be in a principality or not... and
we shouldn't push the issue down anyone's throats, either, when the time is
right, everyone will be pushing for it on their own.  I think it is
important to end up with borders (no matter what they eventually end up
being or which groups are included) so that any principality that is formed
does not separate the rest of the kingdom into non-contiguous pieces.  A
principality may never become an independent kingdom, but we should plan
borders from the start that will allow a principality to become a kingdom
if/when its population reaches adequate numbers and has enough people
clamoring to be their own realm.

        Sir Lyonel suggested Steorrheort (Star-Heart) as a possible name.
Mari, Chieftess in Bjornsborg, suggested to me today that a great name would
be Caer Leon:  the central area is the heart of the kingdom, and the Lions
are the heart of Ansteorra, making the name very appropriate.  I've been
sketching, and had some preliminary ideas for a device to go with the Caer
Leon name:  Or, a tower sable with a demi-lion gules issuant from the
battlements.  And of course, let's not forget a wreath of laurel around the
charge, either in sable or in vert.  (Caveat: I'm not a herald, I'm an
artist.  The picture is pretty, one of the heraldically inclined will have
to probably correct my description and I have no idea if any of this would

        I have to say that I like the idea of working up the names, devices,
possible awards and their badges etc.  This is a fun experiment in
creativity, even if we don't end up forming a principality.  (Rather like
the game some of us play where we cast real-world actors in "Bjornsborg: the
Movie", the idea is fun, and so is bouncing the ideas around, even if it
never happens.)

        Again, thanks, Lyonel, for putting this discussion back in play, and
in a fun and creative track.  I'd like to hear other's ideas for possible
names for a Central/Southern principality, as well as folks' ideas for
heraldry to go with the names.  



Gunnora Hallakarva
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