Gnomon Vale

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at
Sun Oct 20 20:14:11 PDT 1996

Sir Kief wrote:
<If the folds that are grumbling that their original name had nothing to 
<do with "Gnomes" all they have to do is read the submission forms in 
<their branch herald's files or in Asterisk Herald's files..

Nowhere in any of these threads can I find any statement indicating that
the people of Gnomon Vale are "grumbling".
As in any group that gets a nickname, some like it, some don't. <I
happen to like it> Obviously, we knew when we picked the name that
nicknames were possible.
But please, none of us were grumbling. We didn't even start this thread,
but since were here.... if anyone wishes to help us get a name passed...
help is always appreciated, especially since we are the youngsters of
the Northern Region! :)
Britta the Red
wf3 at

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