Gnomon Vale

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at
Sun Oct 20 19:55:17 PDT 1996

Gnomon Vale is the name we are currently attempting to get passed. And
we are going on the sundial stick idea. <I'm not the herald, I'm only a
Our Herald has just stepped down from office. We will be having a person
very new to that office taking his place. Our former herald told us
"Gnomevale" was turned down on the little person with beards part, and
he told us the Runestone part didn't help. Whether this meant he did not
pursue the Runestone portion or not, I don't know. This would be a case
of trusting your herald....
Given a choice, we gnomes <given this nickname by default :) > would
prefer the name Gnomevale. This was one of many translations on the
Heavner Runestone. Since our new Herald could use much help, any and all
gentles are requested to help in any way to get this name passage. Since
I am the only email literate in Gnomon Vale, I'll pass any info.
Britta the Red
wf3 at

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