Ansteopality Revisited

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Sun Oct 20 22:03:51 PDT 1996

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, maddie teller-kook wrote:

> Heidi J Torres wrote:
> <big snip>
> > 
> > And besides, if we were going to give the heralds fits over something and
> > take a name from mythology, I have to go with Hell.  Anyone living in
> > south-central Texas knows how appropriate this is.  And think of the
> > great euphemisms!  Our royals could be the Prince and Princess of
> > Darkness, our fighters could be the Legions of Hell.  Peerage circles
> > could be affectionately known as the Infernos.  And names for certain
> > awards come to mind as well, e.g. The Flagstone (the road to Hell being
> > paved with good intentions), the Pitchfork (for those who excel at
> > prodding others into doing their nefarious bidding -- obviously another
> > service order), and so on.   Just think of the fun we could have!  If I'm
> > going to go toe to toe with the College of Heralds over a name, believe
> > me, it will be outrageous enough to be worth it.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > 
> > The Evil Mistress Mari
> Mari...
> How deliciously evil....does that mean I get to cook the feast from
> Hell?  Everything has habanero peppers in it!!!!!
> Meadhbh
Heeheeheehahahahaheeheehee!  I love this.  Everything can be from Hell!  
Feast from Hell, Court from Hell, etc.  Their Infernal Highnesses!  
There's so much Underworld mythology to play on.

I really should comment at this point that the "Hell Proposition" wasn't 
entirely my idea.  
Way back about 10 years ago or so when an earlier principality push was 
being whipped up, we in Bjornsborg, as per usual, had our own ideas about 
names and divisions.  A bunch of us -- Mistress Briony, Sir Richard, me, 
some other folk I'm less clear on (this was at a party, mind you) -- came 
up with the name "Hell"  -- trust me, Hell was far better than the 
proposed name -- and batted it around like a litter of kittens with a 
live mouse for some time.  When the principality idea subsided like a bad 
dumpling sinking to the bottom of the soup pot, we put aside our 
nefarious plans with a sigh and "Hell" too receded into the murky depths 
of the Bjornsborg subconcious.  Fortunately, I'm a regular delver of 
those mysterious waters and I remember a great many things.  (Go ahead; 
fear me.)

So anyway, all I can really take credit for is having a long memory.

But isn't it fun to have a live mouse again?



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