Ansteopality Revisited

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Sun Oct 20 08:57:20 PDT 1996

Heidi J Torres wrote:
<big snip>
> And besides, if we were going to give the heralds fits over something and
> take a name from mythology, I have to go with Hell.  Anyone living in
> south-central Texas knows how appropriate this is.  And think of the
> great euphemisms!  Our royals could be the Prince and Princess of
> Darkness, our fighters could be the Legions of Hell.  Peerage circles
> could be affectionately known as the Infernos.  And names for certain
> awards come to mind as well, e.g. The Flagstone (the road to Hell being
> paved with good intentions), the Pitchfork (for those who excel at
> prodding others into doing their nefarious bidding -- obviously another
> service order), and so on.   Just think of the fun we could have!  If I'm
> going to go toe to toe with the College of Heralds over a name, believe
> me, it will be outrageous enough to be worth it.
> Cheers,
> The Evil Mistress Mari


How deliciously evil....does that mean I get to cook the feast from
Hell?  Everything has habanero peppers in it!!!!!


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