Crown Tournament

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Sun Oct 20 23:08:03 PDT 1996

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Vicki Marsh wrote:

> Greetings, fellow Ansteorrans from Zara Zina.
> If you were not one of the fortunate to attend Crown Tournament, you missed
> out on some of the absolute best Chivalric fighting I have ever witnessed in
> almost 20 years.
> The day was cool and blustry, but pleasant enough.  There were 30 fighters
> in the list - 15 pairings in the first round with no byes.  The fighting was
> good and clean - no injuries to speak of - and many incidents of chivalrous
> and honorable fighting.  Quite a few fighters yielded when asked to do so
> after they had lost their legs (Some of us thought it might be due to the
> high number of stickers and burrs on the ground. They were *bad*).
> The semi-final saw four Knights meet each other - Sir Burke and Sir Mahadi,
> and Earl Kein and Sir Barn.  Mahadi and Kein were victorious and went to the
> final round.  
> Mahadi took the first fight quickly.  Then Earl Kein slowed the pace and
> took the second fight.  The final fight took almost 30 minutes, with each
> fighter circling warily, slowly gauging each other's mettle.  They would
> square off, then break without a shot, then do it again.  Kein kept waiting
> for Mahadi, trying to force him into meeting him close to the list field
> ropes.  As Mahadi is known for his lightning fly-byes, this was a good
> defense.  Twice, Mahadi just barely missed Earl Kein's visor with his sword,
> Kein ducking backwards just in the nick of time.
> Finally, they closed again, and Mahadi landed a tip shot to Earl Kein's
> face.  Kein dropped his shield and sword, staggered forward, and fell at
> Mahadi's feet.  Mahadi sunk to his knees with the emotion of the moment. It
> was an incredible fight - technically, mentally, and emotionally.
> Vivat to all fighters in this tournament.  It was wonderful to watch.
> Oh yeah, there also was a fun court, a great feast (with a virtual food
> fight), and much drumming and revelry afterwards.
> Baroness Zara Zina of Elfsea
> (doum-doum tek-a-tek....still shimmying all the way home)
Good Lady, thanks for this rendering.  I am pleased, proud and relieved 
to know it all went so well.  

Mari, Baroness of Bjornsborg

PS  Anyone know where Coronation is going to be?

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